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How it Works

PaidTrends users

PaidTrends users are required to signin with their social network accounts, Facebook or Twitter, with a minimum of 100 friends or 100 followers respectively (this is subject to change over time). PaidTrends uses these accounts to post SocialAds. These SocialAds are in form of tweets or facebook updates PaidTrends makes on behalf of its users. Users are rewared each time their accounts are used to make posts.

Users get a token added to their wallets each time a SocialAd is posted with their account, just once, SocialAd repetitions are not rewarded (Sigin in to check your share/tweet worth). When a user gets up to ₦200 he/she can decide to send it as Airtime to their mobile phones. @HyperfanHQ could mention you on twitter once you have that amount in your wallet, or you could just check-in from time to time to see how much is in your wallet.

NOTE that in-house SocialAds have ₦0 share worth. For more information about in-house SocialAds, refer to our Terms and conditions. Supported networks include Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and MTN. For Ported lines, be sure to select your current network provider, as the automatic selection might be wrong.

Its that easy.

Buying SocialAds

SocialAds are like any other Online Ad scheme, except it runs only on social networks. SocialAds here consists of word-of-mouth text, customized to appear as a simple social feed. It could contain links and pictures as well, but at a cost.

SocialAds operate only on impressions (number of probable human interactions) which costs more as the number increases. After creating a SocialAd we email you the payment process. Once payment is made, we are sure to keep in touch with you on how you wish this Ad to run. Note, a SocialAd is allowed to run two (2) times after a single payment is made, the same goes for Twitter Account Retweets.

We help you customise the Ad to make it less co-operate and more social, so that people actually see it as a tweet/post and not as an Ad, because Ads are turn-offs, no one likes them, and no one might interact with it if they knew it to be an Ad. We do this to avoid spam-like Ads from our platform, which could damage our Integrity, and that of our users.

Please read our Terms and Conditions to see where we draw the line. If you have any more questions, mention us at @HyperfanHQ or on facebook at PaidTrends.

Be Sociable, Follow and Like.

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*Only available in Nigeria

Twitter Users

You need a minmum of 100 followers to use PaidTrends. You will also need to authorize the Twitter App inorder for us to access your profile.

Facebook Users

You need a minimum of 100 friends to use PaidTrends. You will need to authorize the Facebook App and also authorize the Facebook App share request as shown below:

After you are signed in, all you have to do is check in every now and then, and see how much is in your wallet. Its that easy. Please read How it works if you are lost.